Tuesday, July 18, 2006

=D hehe cheers for my first post in this blog hehe
oh juen..i'm so flattered..that you mentioned me *blushing* ishk!
thanks for saving me from raghu and deenesh today..*tsk tsk* if it werent for you..i would have bbeen..been..been...*sob*..mmmmuacks. =D

too bad somebody doesnt even bother if i'm raped by them..sigh..continued doing his work like nothing had happened..
it's pretty obvious he doesnt want me anymore..
bought some indian food for him all because i was worried about him getting a tummy upset and he threw it on the floor like a crumpled piece of used paper..
who's gonna be there to mend this broken heart now,huh?huh?..

sad and broken, wz


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