Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Never, never ever give Chean your phone to play when having meals, unless you're prepared to get yourself wet =) *hehe kidding sayang*

What a turn off it was to go all the way to sunway and not get to skate, simply because there weren't any shoes left.. Blahs, if only I had my own skating rink =) I ended up sulking the whole day and Chean had to take all that bullshit from me, which made me feel very bad. Still, she never did complain once at tried to make things better =) luv u babe.

It's official, manutd won't be coming to kl cos the asian football association won't sanction the game just because they think the game would take away the spotlight from the asian cup. Bummer, it's not that i don't support our local football, but it's that I don't get to meet real football stars every other day. It's like a once in a lifetime opportunity for some, such as myself =/ Damn spoilsport lah the AFC.


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