Saturday, March 15, 2008

(Ms. Lee Jia Yoong aka Mrs. Lim)

Happy Nineteenth Birthday Babe. Realize how time flies so incredibly fast? We've known each other for more than 10 years now, 12 to be precise (and counting). And I must say that you've grown so much compared to the old Jia. Grown older and grumpier, and you tend to nag more often (joking). What I actually meant was you're no longer that lil girl I use to know. Now you're the fast-car driving, pools playing and alcohol loving Jia. And what's funny is, when I look back at our circle of friends, I nvr imagined that of all the ppl thatI would stay close with after all this years, would be you. Maybe it's because among all our good friends, you were the one I feared the most probably because I made you cry so very often every time I tease you. And don't forget that one year where you swore you never speak to me again over a silly fight. Yet after a year u couldn't resist no more, I am irreplaceable aren't I? =P Anyway, I know that you've been busy lately with college, well you better be if you're going to have to feed the both of us, and all of 'Our time' has been taken by Mr. Lim, that bastard =P I just want you to know that I miss you lots. And even though you have to go back to your hometown today, I promise we'll celebrate your birthday very soon okay? I'm hoping to see you ASAP.

Anyway, just thought you should know, that I HEART YOU GIRL. I heart you for always being there for me all the time. I heart you for being the 'Bestest' friend a guy can ask for. I heart you, even though you somehow find a way to empty my wallet every time we have one of those dinner dates.

We'll be BFF no matter how gay that sounded.

With lots of love,
Pikachu =)


Anonymous yy said...

it sounds a bit too mushy

2:52 PM  

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