Friday, January 18, 2008

A tribute to you

Another year, another birthday celebration. Reaching a 104 years old itself says it all. I for one, believe that this is a tremendous achievement. We have always been recognized as one of the Top Schools in Malaysia, famous for excelling in anything and everything, be it academic excellence, in sport or other extra curriculum activities, St John’s Institution has gone a long way since its early days. Yes, we are indeed the pacesetter, the perfect role model for many.

This being my sophomore year in the sixth form would also mean that this would be my last and final schooling year in St John’s. Yet somehow deep down in me, I know that this shall not be my last goodbye. My years in St John’s have nearly reached a milestone.
From the day I first set foot in the compound, I was left in awe. Never in my life had I been to a school so unique, and historically filled with its own divine culture. I knew this school was different, it wasn’t merely just a school, it was a part of history.

I can still visualize my very first day of school. I remember watching Mr. LDV Fernandez (short for Love David Valentine) caning students during assembly. Not only was I shocked, I was afraid of soon joining those boys. That fear for him soon changes to Respect. How can anyone not look highly upon him, after all, he defines what St John’s is all about. Not only was he a former student, he has dedicated more than 3third of his life to the school.

In SJI we not only have people like Mr. David, many have walk through the same corridors and touch lives. People like the late Mr. Leonard Wong and Bro Lawrence who is more Malaysian than he is a Canadian. Not forgetting our teachers who provide a holistic education to us students. They even offer extra caning when you don’t finish your work, if you’re lucky you might get the whole lesson off, outside class of course.

In short, we have it all. Even our school’s name is something to be proud of, for it is name after a Saint and not after some street or district. Furthermore, our school badge itself carries a lot of meaning, from the La Sallian spirit to our alma mater. Would you rather have a golden eagle or a cow on your badge?

And we must not forget our wonderful neighbors. The CBN girls are indeed rare and precious pearls. After the torture in the classroom, watching the girls going gracefully was the best leisure. (this paragraph is quoted from a former Johannian)

How can anyone not come to love a place like this? Happy Birthday St. John’s Institution. You mold us from young, and shape who we are today. What we do without you.

With faith and zeal, signum fidei, Fide et Labore!


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