Saturday, January 12, 2008

This week, today and Fridays

This week hadn't been pretty good. Maybe its good that y'all should know I was involved in an accident with 2 other friends. Nobody was hurted, I thank God for that. Still, being in the accident was truly a dramatic thing. I've seen how friends sticked together through worst times, how ugly some people would be to take advantage on others, family and..alot more perhaps. yadayada..

thank you Mr.Chin, friends and you.

I've always believed that being nice to strangers and helping them when they do ask would be a good thing to do because they probably don't know the way around and feels like they could use a little help..

but today it's all it takes to change my belief the other way around..

I probably got conned, lost some money just because I believed those pathetic i-really-need help kinda eyees..its not the money that matters, I know I'm naive, but I just find myself stupid for trusting strangers so easily and so much for trying to help them..I hope karma's watching.

And I hate Fridays cause I have to leave you..

people, all I'm asking is for you to understand that no matter how hard it is for you, it is also hard for others. It's never easy to please everyone, I'm doing what I can. I appreciate you guys but don't just jump to conclusions that I've changed, I ditched you for this that shit..I'm happy with what we had, it never went down the drain..I hope that all of us will have better things to come, our way..just please, understand the position I'm in and accept it..

bitter experiences with a few doesnt mean it always end up the same way.

something for 2008;people should stop judging people if they dont know much about them.


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