Sunday, July 23, 2006

gaaaah. why u all kene the same time? sure or not all same batch? u see arh, the thign there write siri 4 means the forth year they doin this NS thing. so i think the name all out ady but not sure which camp only. that's what i think la. haihzzz. can't imagine life without u all. no WZ merajuk-ing with me. no Juen saying "mm" to me. no Chean saying that she wan pinch me. haihzzz. that will be the longest 3 months for me. atleast u guys hav lotsa people in the camp with u all. i'll be alone on KL. SAD!

gaaaaah. it's bad enough that u got chosen for NS and now u're not allowed to go to PCD with us. it's gonna be so different without u coming with us. hmmm. SAD! and this morning i don't mean to ignore ur msg. it's just that i fell asleep last night and didn't put the away sign. Sorry!

u bitch! last night go of just like that."don't know, don't remember". hmmmph! i said so much and that's what u replied! >=(


p/s:i only call ppl i love bitch ;)


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