Saturday, December 30, 2006


What a day I've had...Lunch at Shangri-La ( I love the choc fondue with marshmallows which is worth dying for, and the lovely chunky salmon..), Went to klcc to pick up some other stuff I need for national service, Got my new prepaid line, Met Karen's parents who are really funny and sweet, Went window shopping while looking for Wz's ball, Played at the arcade with Karen while waiting for Shing who was as usual an hour late, Dinner with Karen, Watch 'Night at the Museum' which was rather funny in a silly way, Played bowling while Shing feast on his lasagna (bloody Shing beat everyone again, hehe at least he fell and knock himself =P ), Karen got a mere 47 but I think she was only giving pretending bcos she's in the bowling club in her school, Took pics and she started to get emotional =) *girls*, hehe and I got scolding for reaching home after way past midnight.

I can't sleep now...I'm so excited, l8r today morning might be the last time I'll get to play football with my buddies. Everyone will be busy when I get back T-T ...

My fingers are cross hoping I'll get to have dinner with Jia n Shing tomorrow.

Anyway, since I'm so wide awake and since it's the season for giving and sharing , here are a list of things that which might help any of you who still haven't gotten me my Christmas present yet *hints hints* oh and mum,dad those earrings don't count since it wasn't wrap up =P

~ Chocolate Fountain (at least 3 feet tall)
~ A white lion cub
~ A blue mini cooper
~ Topshop

But, if you're running low on cash, I do accept hugs and kisses on both cheeks..hehe I guess thats all for now..peace out peeps and take care while I'm gone yea...Lets pray that I'll make it back in one piece =)



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