Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I'm like a newbie at blogging

8 cups of black coffee, 3 hours of sleep a night and endless nightmares, yup I can finally kiss them goodbye, at least for awhile.

I fell asleep during bio paper 2. I hope i won't come to regret it .

Anyway, promise MH i post my new boots~

My Love

Neat huh, my 7th pair of boots. It's really comfortable, has a fiber-glass sole, and guess who else uses it? Well for starters, ronaldinho, maldini, and van nistlerooy. Wz also has a new boots. His is all white and shiny. Boy was he like a bull set loose on Monday, energetic and on fire.

One last note, the devil may wear a skirt, but at least its success wasn't bought back by some rich Russian. Success earned, is always sweeter =)



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