Sunday, April 22, 2007

DENISE!!!, my life is almost complete, I can rest in peace now haha..

Here's a pic of Billy,

And some Good Charlotte pics

Pics of Simon, sut n myself

Yea, I know the pics are blur, but i'm really worn out now n couldnt be bothered to photoshop them..haha i'll try to photoshop Denise's pics tomorrow.

The concert was great, the funny thing was we were standing at the back left side in the VIP corner n some group of malay fellas push us all the way to the front..haha for once i'm thankful to those fellas..J' Lo rocked the house, Sut's going nuts over him, GoodCharlotte was great as well. I'm glad they played part of their old albums...Overall, Lots of Screaming,Pushing, Singing,Jumping, More Denise, haha lots of babes there too (not that i really care =P, haha I seriously dont k, its only one babe that matters most) ..I'm dehydrated

Simon's sleeping on my couch now, haha I'll go take some pics l8r *shh shh*

Sut walk up to the entrance hall just now saying he was with the media hoping to enter the VIP tix, his words were " i'm from FHM media", and the fella kick him all the way to the back of the queue, haha he didnt know the tix LIME's editor gave him were the normal one's. Thank god that we manage to open simons wristband n i sneak it out to sut.haha

Oh n on our way back, we park the car near the LRT n ran around trying to take down the posters that were hanging to the lamp post, we brought screwdrivers n stuff like that, haha too bad we were beaten by some malays guys, CRAP, screw u !!...


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