Friday, April 06, 2007

I was nearly late for work this morning =( lawyers (future lawyers =P) aren't suppose to be late. It would have been very bad for my resume had I not reach work on time. This was all the cab driver's fault. I 100% positively told him I wanted to go to GreatEastern Mall. Instead, the fella drove all the way to Leisure mall. Thankfully I realize in time,
Me -Pakcik, pakcik pergi mana?
Cabby - Leisure Mall lah dik
Me - ??? GreatEastern Mall lah bukan Leisure mall
Cabby - Apa?
Then he started to laugh. What was that huh? I don't even see the funny side of it. And the traffic police was no help either. Stuck in the car for half an hour because we were caught in the traffic. In the end I reached there 5 minutes b4 time n had to run my socks of to check in.
PS - I am so going to sue the cabby n the officer when I get my license


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