Monday, June 11, 2007

My NS Story.

Ok, I know that it has been 3months plus after my national service, but I couldn't sleep the whole night. I've been having this flashback on everything that happened during ns. I remember the day I stepped out of the bus that dropped us off at the airport, from then on I was alone. I tried calling chean but her phone battery was dead. It was only myself and I. At least I had jia to msg to.

The first week of ns was terrible, I was really homesick. I'm bold enough to say that I even did cry. Whenever I call back home and hear my mum cry my whole heart started to sank. I had no one, no friends and no hand phone. Ppl started to mix with ppl from their own race. Then I met Ryan, the guy who slept on the left bed next to mine. Like most Chinese there, they only spoke mandarin.Fortunately Ryan speaks cantonese. It was a hard time joining the crowd. The next person I got to was Subhan, aka Han. He was my 2nd friend, n one i could get along with. Well we both had lots in common, we hated that place n were bloody homesick.

Then came Raff, short for Rafferty Hoo aka Bear or the guy who sleeps opposite my bed. I met Lua at our 1st character building class, from then on things started to change. Kennie, Lua's n raff's friend bcame my friend too. N a group of Labuan boys arrived the following day. Ah Chai / Firdaus, the guy who sleeps on my right, and my partner in everything joined our gang. I miss that guy lots. He was the best est Kadayan/bisayoh guy I've ever met or the only =P

Soon came along Joseph a rich dude who's family owns Giant n Bing. How those two rich pampered buggers survive ns I'll nvr know =P

Everything started to bcome fun from then on.

I remember the all our midnight suppers every night. We would take turns buying junk food and share it among ourselves. I remember nights when lua, kennie, chai n I would lie outside our dorm staring at the stars. Or the time when Han got sick n I accompanied him to the clinic at 2am n we put up a night there. I remember us jungle tracking when we had to help a 150 kg guy in n out the jungle. 20 of us would push n pull him up a cliff bcos he couldnt carry his own weight. I remember the camp we build in the jungle. All of us had some sort of rash n we couldnt sleep throughout the night. We made our own fire n cook instant noodles at 3 am. we had only one bowl n two forks n we shared among the 6 of us haha. I remember ah chai n i tracking to the jungle trying to look for the girls camp cos that bugger miss his girl. I remember us joining traditional dance performance n the choir group. I loved the time we dance the native 'pocopoco'. haha I got pick to perform in front of everyone, how embarrassing.I remember staying up to polish n burn our boots so we had the shiniest boots. Or the nights when we would join our beds n have a slumber party. I miss lying next to lua n telling him how much I kept thinking bout chean. I miss waking up early going joging n working our with the guys. I miss us skipping classes together, or the time when we would strive to bcome the best at every competition. I miss my kak who works at the sundry shop. I miss my tchrs who were willing to be miles away from their own children just to nurtured us. They thought me how to value life and our love ones. Everytime I think back bout those 3months tears row down my cheeks. Those are the 3months that ll always be a sweet memory in my heart.

If it weren't for my family,chean n friends back home, I wished I could have stayed there a lil longer =)


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