Friday, June 29, 2007

This week has been pretty sucky...

Staying up late just to revise for test papers..

Depriving myself of sleep..

Procrastinating to max..and worst of all......

No FUTSAL!! Yeah like what the hell rite..So basically its all boring and STUDIES.

Yeah, I mean, studies...hardwork and all...completing assignments and tonnes of revisions(not really actually =P haha)..leaving us wiith no time to play!

Okay, maybe with little time to play...

But hey, we sure pay alot of attention to the lecturer I mean, the lecturer's lessons of course..That's still good aite?



Hahahaha..ok that's not really it...see..?!

And after all the hours staring at notes, staining your hand with ink and liquid paper, pressing calculators and blablabla..It sure has been a norm to destress and bury all your tensions, be it concluding your day by tugging yourself into bed and turning on some soothing music to heal your brain dead soul or whatever.....

For some reasons, I suspect it's becoming a habit for CALUK students to go for a nice and crispy burger served with not-so-cold carbonated drinks by the roadside..chatting and laughing our time away till the next morning(subsequently reminding each other that a test is only a few hours away after that)..

Haha..damn I was late for today's Chem class 'cause of that!

*Pics are courtesy of Yi Yang's Personal Collection of Assholes Caught Sleeping In Class.

Bye! Off to Maths test....=D


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