Sunday, June 17, 2007


It's like I'm comparing my height pratically with everyone who walks or pass by me.
Yeah, so becareful and stay away if you don't wish to provoke me in any way...

Height is a serious issue for a guy you know? Well, at least, I take it seriously(pretty loser atitude..tsk!).

Cause being 5'5" has so many disadvantages... don't get noticed most of the time..

..people tend to pick on you just because they're physically stronger(well, they think la =P) and much bigger in size..'re always living with the feeling of intimidation!!


Sigh. I just don't get it. If I consume meals like normal people do, how come I always feel like everyone's grown taller than me?(Damn it man, even Acap is taller than I am)..

Blame the hormones..!
Blame the genes..!

That's what I always tell myself to lick my own wounds..(wtf loser! hahahaha).Forget it. I need basketball..

Anyway, I've just bought a pair of new shoes. The old one just couldnt bear any'd be an eye sore if I still wear it in public (mum says it downgrades the dignity of the!)...Surely you don't wanna be seen with me wearing that old school shoes cum futsal shoes cum strolling shoes and....more...

Well bye bye old shoes...hello new Adidas Superstar II hehehe..

By the way..I've been trying (creatively) to tie the lace..but I just couldn't get one to go nicely with the shoes(failed miserably) and all..Nevertheless, I'm still figuring which one will sink in perfectly with the shoes...(still trying, heh =P) will post the pics up if all systems go.

Till' then..Happy Father's Day (crap, it's midnight already)...


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