Friday, January 25, 2008

Is it a norm, for guys to reply in one to two syllables?

After work,
Girl – How was your day today?
Guy – Okay
Girl – Did anything interesting happen?
Guy – Normal- lah
Girl – What is normal like?
Guy – the usual

Girl - Why aren’t we spending more time together?
Guy – No time
Girl – Why don’t you have any time?
Guy - Work la
Girl - Why can’t you take some time off from work every now and then?
Guy - Busy

In the mall,
Girl - Do you think this looks good on me?
Guy - Mmm
Girl - What about this one?
Guy - Mmm
Girl - So which one should I get?
Guy - Whateverla


Blogger jiayoong. said...

you dare talk to me like that i'll never talk to you for life wtf. hope things are going well with the editorial board. :)

9:45 AM  
Anonymous juen said...

hehe i do it all the time

6:21 PM  

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