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Who will win the EPL in 5 games?

*This is a run down to the last 5 games of the 2007/08 EPL.. This is totally unbiased, I swear!*

With the league leaders Manchester United being held to a 2 - 2 draw at lowly Boro last weekend, the race for the title was thrown open wide again. Of course, somemost of you may not agree with this and will brush this off as an understatement based on the league leader's consistency, slipping up on occasions like these are just hard to come by for The Red Devils and how their goal machine, Cristiano Ronaldo is in the form of his life..

Yeap, definitely has the eyes for goals

Considering Liverpool's title hopes have virtually died so long ago (im sorry here Liverpool fans), it has only come down to the other two teams in the circle of the English pride; the Big Four, Chelsea and Arsenal. With 3 points separating each teams, this neck to neck race down to the league title is definitely a season worth of spending every football weekends at the mamaks, the guys and shisha.. (okaylah let's not leave out the girlfriends) =P

Okay, down to business, we're here to talk about how these current top three teams could wrap up the league title in the remaining 5 games. We start off with...

Manchester United

One of the most successive English clubs in history, they were handed some tough games in their remaining fixtures, having to play Arsenal and Chelsea, their closest title rivals over the period of 3 weeks.

[WON] 1st game : vs Arsenal, Old Trafford
No slip ups, a win at home is a must to reel away from the pressure piled onto them by their biggest title threat, Chelsea. Considering Arsenal has never had a good record against Manchester United and they're playing in their own backyard, the Red Devils should wrap this up with maximum points. A draw would only blow open the title race wider. A lost, is unspeakable.

2nd game : vs Blackburn, Ewood Park [DRAW]

At testing match away from home. But, 3 points should be in the bag for the Devils as Rovers are still struggling with inconsistency.

3rd game : vs Chelsea, Stamford Bridge
A win at the Blues' fortress would be mere impossible =P. Only a two way ticket out of here, a lose or a draw. The author would definitely prefer the former. This would be a massive game and it can prove to be a turning point to the whole title race. But who could ever rule out an unexpected twist, this is after all, football..

4th game : vs West Ham United, Old Trafford

People have been talking bout the Hammers morphing into the boogey team of Manchester United, having unexpectedly beaten them twice last season. However, by this around, the title could have been decided. A win for the Devils

5th game : vs Wigan Athletic, JJB Stadium
An astounding win for the Devils expected here.

Moving on,


Having lost the league crown to Man Utd last season, the Blues have definitely come a long way and too long a journey only to finish second best. Despite their hardship and some stern test during the winter break, the Blues have surprised many for being able to stride through without most of their key players for a quarter of the season..

[DRAW] 1st game : vs Wigan Athletic, Stamford Bridge

The Blues have always been comfortable at home and to take all three points from lowly Wigan shouldn't be a Herculean task.

2nd game : vs Everton, Goodison Park [WON]

An acid test, European berth chasing Toffees are never easy meat at home. The Blues should struggle to wrest all three points away from them. Definitely no slip ups here.

3rd game : vs Manchester United, Stamford Bridge
A win will be delightful. This could be the final showdown of the season, probably the league title to be decided here. Massive..massive game...

Ask Avram if we could win here and this was his reaction

4th game : vs Newcastle, St. James' Park

Kevin Keegan's Toon army maybe finding their touch again, but it'd be too late to change anything.. Still, a win for the Blues.

5th game : Bolton Wanderers, Stamford Bridge
A win here *im getting tired*


Played some good football and led for half the season, suddenly they lost the momentum and ends up playing catch up with Man Utd and Chelsea. But seriously, this bunch of lads deserve all the credits in the world. Imagine being only 20ish and you're already somewhere near the top?
Captain Willian Gallas said they would fight till the end, results at Emirates against Liverpool last week didn't suggest so..

To the end lads, to the end..

[LOST] 1st game : vs Manchester United, Old Trafford

Tough..tough game. If they're ever gonna survive the onslaught of Ronaldo and Rooney is to draw away. A win however would do themselves and the Blues a great deal of favour, apart from putting a huge dent on United's title hopes.

2nd game : vs Reading, Emirates Stadium [WON]

If the Gunners could survive the onslaught of the Devils and are still in contention for the title, then this is a must win game to keep their title hopes alive. No room for mistakes, boys!

3rd game : vs Derby County, Pride Park

Easy win here. The Rams, however wouldnt want to give the Gunners a stroll in the park, a fight for pride. Very unlikely to achieve anything significant anyway..

4th game : Everton, Emirates Stadium

With the title most probably decided by the 3rd game, it's only good for Arsenal to salvage what they have lost along the way to finish as second best, maturity.

5th game : vs Sunderland, Stadium of Light

Seriously, is there really any point in discussing this?

With that said, I think we can all expect a new champion by the end of the April..

So, choose a side.

Yours truly,




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