Tuesday, July 25, 2006

few several"SOME" things juen did to make me upset:
#1. he called me stupid.
#2. he ignored me.
#3. he accused me for lying when he lied first.
#4. he took my pencil home leaving me with the other cheap1
#5. he kicked my chair.
#6. he rather take Pravin to be in the xperiment group than me.
#7. changed my name from SIMON to SLUT by SIMONLUT
#8. called me a bitch when he didnt meantion that he love bitches.
#9. he didn't say bye when i leave chemistry class early today.
#10. he wanted to make me jealous on purpose. (but failed badly =P)
#11. didn't introduce lil puffy to me.
#12. didn't allowed me to say goodnight to him.
#13. most important of all, he said i worth only 4% (WTF?)

oh yea. forgotten to blog about Chean's eye in my blog. her eyes were disgusting scary. she showed it to me. it wasn't a pleasaant sight. and yet she insisted to show me. and lavonne was like so cool about her eyes. and i wonder how Chean manage to survive so many days with her eyes like that. gaaaaah. Wonderwoman.
and also, Chean got a new kickass phone. it was nice. but too bad i don't fancy Nokia.

and WZ, sorry. i can't follow u go to the student thing. i really wanna go.but i hav to go get tickets and change and all for the concert. anyway, u goin there to kap lui ony ma. so go kap la.kap ady don't even think about telling me about the girls there and try to make me jealous. tell be about the experience la. the food la. *pray that it will all be boys so u can't brag* hohoho. love u bitch.

love u all bitches!



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