Thursday, October 26, 2006

I don't know what kind of blogging trend is this..some sort of survey,I suppose.But since I've been 'tagged' (aww crap) .I'll just play along =D

3 Hobbies

[x] F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L!!
[x] Listening to my iPod/iTunes/Music etc
[x] Internet

3 Things On My To-Do List
[x] Study for (stupid) SPM =/
[x] Shave bald
[x] Umm..this may sound embarassing, grow taller? =P

3 Unique Traits
[x] I'm SHORT. x) weeeeeeee
[x] I get addicted/obsessed with people or things that are new to me very very easily
[x] I'd still prefer wearing shorts when going out than pants =P (Malaysia very hot)

3 Favourite Drinks
[x] I crave for beer NOW..and I know,SPM's weeks away
[x] McD's Strawberry Milkshake
[x] Lychee

3 Passions
[x] Football
[x] Chicks+football
[x] My school? xD

3 Awesome Movies
[x] Lord Of The Rings Trilogy =P ROFL
[x] Spiderman 1 & 2 xP
[x] The Fast and The Furious:Tokyo Drift

3 Good Bands
[x] All American Rejects
[x] Panic! At the Disco
[x] High and Mighty Color

3 Things I ANTI
[x] Racist
[x] Extremist
[x] Show offs

3 Random Women (I changed this =P)
[x] Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
[x] Maki of HnMC!
[x] Mei Hsuan =D (happy mou?)

3 Bad Habits
[x] I sniff new magazine/books
[x] I sniff my own body odour (I SMELL GOOD,WANNA SMELL ME?)
[x] I play with my hair..=D

3 Painful Experiences
[x] Wounded my left knee during a futsal comp at Ampang Sports Planet last year..
[x] My right eye got scarred by a piece of roof tile..Scared blind edy how..kennot kap lui
[x] [WZ left this blank] =P

3 Treasured Memories
[x] One thing I'll definitely not forget bout high school is Friday Footie! =D=D
[x] Going to KL Band Comp with friends.
[x] School's 100th year anniversary

3 Goals before 30
[x] Get rich
[x] An established career
[x] Flirt..flirt..flirt and keep on flirting. =D

3 Biggest Fears
[x] S
[x] P
[x] M (and life after that...)

3 Favourite Desserts
[x] Lychee cyrup
[x] Chocolate sundaes
[x] Taufu fa with lychee!!

3 People I Tag

[x] Nikita (hohoho)
[x] Qui Nee =)
[x] Crap la Mei Hsuan, you pratically tagged everyone


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