Wednesday, October 25, 2006

OK I'm very very DISAPPOINTED with you people.
I MEAN, gone for only ONE(FREAKING)DAY and y'all can't even refrain yourselves from the overdrive of THINKING and MISSING me too much? =P


So let's get started.Let's talk bout the barbeque.Hmm..wasn't much of the party I had in mind.Partly, it was due to the rain.Another thing was the barbeque lacked some elements =P.
What I had in mind when I was told by my mum that my aunty was going to have a barbeque party at her place, I imagined lotsa lotsa adults(uncle,aunty etc) and lotsa lotsa young teenage girls partying as if they were clubbing at some, night club...

BUT NO-LOR...(I know I tend to exaggerate sometimes)=P


The food was..OK ler..
The chicken wings are good..perfectly marinated with..marinade before the barbeque..
The sotongs have a funny odour though(thank God there's something called lime)...but nice and soft..
The ikan bakar is just ok-ish..but definitely not the ones you eat at roadside stalls...Same goes for the nasi beriyani and chicken curry.

And what do we have to wash all of it down?FRUIT JUICE!.(What to do,got underage running around like ducklings in their father's slippers)..Luckily,one of my elderly cousins went out to buy some beer=D.I mixed the juice with beer and voila! FRUIT PUNCH.I sat down and drank all by myself..staring blankly into space...I know, pretty scary..

I'm sure y'all have heard of Johor's(particularly Muar's) famous fried oyster(with egg) right?
Before the barbeque,my uncle served us his home made fried oyster and asked us to try it..Something for tea time.Oh my it was good.The oyster is fairly mixed and fried with eggs..So there is right balance between the eggs and oysters.(Some people tend to put more eggs than oysters,bloody kiam-siap!!)
Then hor the osyter oso looked fresh and big( as in noticeable to the naked eye =D).I ate it with my aunty's home made chili..DAMN nice weeey... =D. I was like the only one to sit at the table from the start until was all clean.Yummy..

Ok la, don't wanna elaborate further.It's definitely too tempting for some of you to handle =D.

You know what, I miss those days when me and my cousins (around my age or older) would stay up late talking bout some useless crap.Now that most of them are already working or have their own bf/gf to entertain..I have to watch some freaking old-chinese movie all by myself..Worse, the last one to go to bed..OMG man,whatever happened to the nightlife w'all had..

That's all for now. =)
Oh yeah,before I pen's something that might interest you ladies...

He's Alexander Fu Sheng(abit ang moh look hor?).Always remind me of Brendon Lee a.k.a Bruce Lee's son.He acts in those old chinese movies.I tink he's quite good looking for an actor during his era.(the golden years of Shaw Brothers Film.bleh) think so?

Selamat Hari Raya to y'all.(abit too late). =D



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