Sunday, December 31, 2006

Keep Holding On, right? =)

hee Rachel called me earlier to wish me Happy New Year and Good Luck in the national service..

Rach - JUEN!! Happy new year
me - haha same to you and your family
Rach - good luck at NS kay
me - thank you =)
Rach - (pause for awhile) ... Don't die there yea
me - >< I'll try not to

Okay, gtg iron my clothes and double check my list to make sure I've got everything, then gonna go watch the fireworks...have a Happy 2007 yea...

~ Jia =) I promised I'll be back to celebrate your birthday... Look after shing yea
~ Mhsuan, study hard, don't be like me
~ Smon n Wz, don't fight over silly things yea

Take Care =P


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