Monday, April 23, 2007

This Is How WeiZhuan Looks NS-fied,

Okay, so simon stayed over at my place the other night. He got the sofa n i took the floor, all because my foom is simply to messy and small. Besides, I didn't feel like sharing my bed =P Anyway, simon was really funny, he slept with his specs on, then in the middle of the night he took it off, n he woke up with them on ^-^ I slept at around 4am n was reluctant to wake up the next morning. Simon on the other hand slept way earlier n he was already awake when i got up reading some magazine.

We sort of overshot on the way to WZ's camp, we went way further past his camp and almost reach Rawang when his camp was at Templer. Then we had to turn back n go hunting for his camp. Honestly, I was really sleepy then and just wanted to eat the ice cream and chocolates we bought for him and go back home instead for looking for his camp =P

And you know what, he doesn't look a single bit homesick at all. I asked if he wants to leave national service earlier for college and he just gave me this sly smile. Then l8r on, when he was drinking this lychee drink simon purposely picked for him, wz's friend went and say "WeiZhuan ah, Ah Soh de oi ah" which is in cantonese for (your wife also wants) Haha that bastard is having fun flirting with all the girls there. And I wonder why i bothered visiting him in the first place =P I should have ate that ice cream.


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