Sunday, July 08, 2007


Went to school for the Eagle Scout Group's 28th annual campfire.

For all the years when I was still a student in SJI, never had I been to such a..(what's the word, what's the word??) crazy campfire with on-the-spot tragics(which I could have recorded and have it sent to World's Most Amazing Videos and earn big bucks!)

Yeaaaah, I must say that the form 5 council of this year did a waaaaaay better job than last year's council

Me: Eh, Gilbert how come this year so happening lah?
Gilbert: Because not I organise whaaat

So good, even the seniors had to admit it..
Too bad I was late for the opening act. Special thanks to Simon who overslept and forgot to pick me up at 7. Anyways, I think the curtain raiser was the snare performance by the Old Band Boys and it sorta resemble a video on snares I watched a few years back..

It was good and damn sure did draw the attention of the crowd.

I wish I could upload a video of it....=/ It kills me to think that I forgot to save the video after recording!

Now, how come they never thought of collaborating with the Band Boys for their campfire before this?..surely to give the Victorians a run for their money!

Oh yeah,
Ronald, Aiman and their brothers also performed last night. It's a funny sight to see how the scouts and guides dance to their music. And it's always lame..:P(don't they come up with something new?).

I think I might consider getting a camcorder...The feeling of being a cameraman enjoying front stage passes (whereas the crowd had to stand behind the security line HAH! Beat that) recording live music performances and shoving the recorder right infront of the vocalist's face =P is so cool..But hell I’m already half deaf after all that loud music…

Nevertheless, I think the highlight of the night would be Police and Thief act. It was certainly a dangerous stunt which could have easily ended the whole campfire with deaths or broken bones.

I think Kevin sprained his wrist or hand. Theng had a bad fall from bout 2 stories high..Fortunately, that dude’s fine and still alive enough to hand out the souvenirs to the scout and guide troops .Theng’s head was as hard as a rock, man he shattered the rooftop of the biawak house xD. There was another junior who took a fall from the same height.. cause he was unable to climb back to his spot. Good thing they’re wise enough to use thick mattresses to cushion the fall.

These guys are crazy…Still, kudos to them!

It was a shame it didn’t end nicely. Otherwise it would be the talk of the town. Actually I think it already is..LOL. For the wrong reasons though. Seriously, it’s a bit too dangerous to do things like these even with all the safety measures.

All in all, this year’s campfire was certainly a different one from the previous years. In fact, it’s so different that the scouts decided to keep their prized gadget in the den instead of displaying it on the field or the school’s tarmac!


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