Thursday, July 05, 2007


Yesterday was Jing Hang's last day in INTI. We came up with a very random and last minute idea of throwing him a surprise and last minute party (mostly thanks to Atikah for coming up with the effort of materialising the plan). When we initiated the plan during Chem lab, it got everyone excited and for the first time, we actually thought about the surprise plan together as a class.
Basically, Atikah got the food and beverages taken care of. Yes, in a way, she's the organiser and I guess we could say...eerr she did just-ok lah =P (sorry, points deducted for the tiny pizzas and that super hot hall!).Hehehe...

We had an understanding that we (the guys) were supposed to stall time and distract Jing Hang as she waits for the pizzas to arrive. So, Yi Yang, Jon and I had to come up with some funny ideas to stall time. Jon decided to delay us by going up to his block, which was like 4 stories up just to answer nature's call -_-...And it was for real (we thought it was just an excuse he wanted to give Jing Hang).LOL...Okay then, we waited..until Jing Hang asked us to call Shu Hong out cause the more..the merrier rite? (and besides, that dude's a joker xD). So Yi Yang gave Shu Hong a call and told him to come over to the basketball court. At the same time, I was texting Shu Hong to tell him to take his own sweet time, which of course gives us more time.

#note: Yi Yang,your "Eh today guitar lesson what we learn ar?" is so fake! =P

Alas, Jon came out from his toilet-hole =P and Shu Hong arrived..Quickly we signalled Shu Hong to pretend that he left his wallet in his room and with that, we could all go back then straight to the party. Where most people would have been frustrated enough to blow themselves up like a c4 bomb in a situation like this, Jing Hang kept his cool and even was in the mood to sing and laugh when we headed back to Shu Hong's block to get his stuffs.

Then as planned, we dragged Jing Hang all the way to Shakespeare's and everyone just sprang out and surprise, surprise ! =D

Mission Accomplished.

Everyone had their fair share of pizza and then it was class picture time! (camwhoring time,actually) =P

Eh tai chek lou, who's picture you taking now?

Shu Hong xD

What's a party without beer? =D

After party; Headed to Bondi to have a drink.

Around midnight,went back to hostel to shower and then went out again to meet Jing Hang at Wong Kok.Had supper and tong sui.And lotsa chatting going on.Some of the girls were already falling asleep.Only people like Eka don't wanna go back, ajak go foos samore.LOL.

3.00 am, headed back to my hostel and Zzzzzzz.

Yi Yang is so wasted =DCertified wasted.

Now, that got Shu Hong into excited state.


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