Tuesday, November 27, 2007

And because Miss Guest Blogger is done with SPM,

And because Miss Guest Blogger is so pissed with this blog template,

And because Miss Guest Blogger is bloody bored & jobless now,

And because Miss Guest Blogger thinks this blog is half-dead,

Damn it! :p :p :p Hahahahaha.

Haha. JOY TO THE WORLD! I am spreading my joy everywhere! I AM DONE WITH SPM, SUCKERS! Hahaha. Okayy, I know what WZ is gonna say when he sees this, KECOH BETUL BUDAK BUDAK SPM! (: (: Hahaha.

The blog template is giving me a hard time. I can't seem to edit to make it look chun. WHY OTHERS CAN DO IT BUT I CAN'T? I am not giving up! Roar~ Why is the skins from blogger so complicated?!?!?!?!

I am stucked at home. Wtf wtf. Shouldn't I be enjoying life now? T_T Fuck! I wanna learn to drive ASAP! T_T Okayy, I shouldn't rant about this here. Hahahahaa.

Fatty WZ, is busy with his finals, thus he won't be blogging anymore I THINK!!!!!! :p :p
The other monkey, Juen, says he doesn't know how to blog anymore. Right, joker, right! :p


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