Thursday, November 08, 2007

Our Road Trip

A Happy Deepavali to my dear Hindhu friends :)

This is a definite blogging material.

The crazy road trips that me and my friends had fun doing for the past 24 hours.

So the holidays started yesterday, right after Mr.Tai's 2 hour lecture.

Sorrowful Drunkard Simon and Tipsy Happy Shu Hong

Today's lectures are over early, Deepavali's tomorrow, and classes on Friday are canceled. Now, how often do we get that?


Rented a Kancil and a Spectra,and left for KL at about 1130pm after picking up Kit Voon (Calvin =P) from the KTM.It was kinda late, but we had to, cause we couldn't ditch Mr.Budak Kecik behind.

Budak Kecik had to work till 10pm and the decision to call Kit Voon , I mean Calvin =P, was kinda last minute. So took the kampung roads just to avoid the tolls, passed through several road blocks and drove around KL searching for the right spot to club in rainy conditions.

note to self:Going to KL is club is the least thing I would do now because of the terrible jam even at 1 in the morning.

Went to Ruums, Calvin did all the talking and opening of bottles. Got our own bar to chill though not as comfy as the one we had in Mystique. (Ruums appears to be more happening probably because of the crowd, which was one hella lala-fied people and the capacity).

It was a first time experience for some of the dudes, and they sure seemed like they enjoyed themselves big time though it was a pretty gay night out :) hahaha.

Jon's the only one looking at the camera, why Jon why?

" Oh shit, I'm too wasted to be taken a picture of! "

When you're wasted, you do the peace-hand thang' !

But still, nothing beats having two cars and the whole long stretchy highways all to yourself and nobody else is there to tail you.

After reaching Nilai at bout 5 in the morning and sending those drunkard and wasted dudes back to their beds, a couple of us ( Me, Jonny Boy, Uff and Bb-Z) set ourselves on a highway car pursuit of our own. We went around INTI's very own racing track with my lousy-Kancil-which-started-rattling-after-90km/h always tailing behind Jon/Uff/BB-Z's Kia Spectra. I felt like an illegal racer for the first time though amateur, wah bangga!

Who passed out now?

In a nutshell, today's a total car-guys day with lotsa crazy stuff like

..Jon trying to pull a semi-revo at but ended up performing only a-very-fast-Uturn-indeed,

..Shu Hong attempting a drift but almost headed right towards the bent

.....Me abusing the hazard lights while hitting 110km/h again with the lousy Kancil(DAMN SLOW WEI),

...going around Nilai with top speed and windows all winded down and everyone singing Beautiful Girl and Hey There Delilah like we don't mean it,

and watching the dawn rising upon us at Eastern Tea Corner ...

are just things I want to remember :)

Beat that, Gene Simmons!

Driving best!

But don't drink and drive kay.

more pictures to come soon.


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