Saturday, December 15, 2007

A whole new look :)

Hello world (: Its Miss Guest Blogger back in action again.
Hahaha. I am just kidding. Since the two monkeys are back to the blogging world, I shouldn't log in anymore :)
If not, I will be accused for being a hacker *cough*
BUT, I am here today, because, I would like to ask you readers, can't you see any changes in this oh-so-lovely blog? :D
Come on, be more observant :)
Yeah, not much changes but it took me hours to do it okayy?
I am actually taking a break from my dramas. So I decided to log in here to help them revamp(right usage of word or not ah?) this blog XD XD

If you guys do remember, I promised to help these two monkeys to edit their template & I was complaining about how complicated it is.
BUT HELL YEAH BABY, I succeeded. Hahah. Toldja, I don't give up :D

Lets start from the top, the jukebox.
Because Juen was telling me he is addicted to the song & he can't get it out of his head,
Because WZ's nickname in MSN was part of the song's lyrics (I assume he likes the song too),
So that explains why I embedded that song there :)

Next on the profile & picture,
That is the best picture I have. There is another one which both of them took during their Anugerah Cemerlang Day I think.
But both of them don't look good in that picture.
So yeah, I have to post up that picture because I think thats the best.
As for the profile, I was just crapping, both of you can edit it all over again :D

Then, as for the 'chatterbox' column, 'links' column, 'recent posts' column & 'history' column,
There isn't much changes, just that the header is much more pretty than the previous one.
You guys can also change the colour of the font or the font type.
If you guys don't like it, then change it :)
Oh yeah, can change the title of the header also if you guys don't like it.

Aaahh, I feel so contented now because like finallyyyyy, I know how to edit blogger's template.
OMG! I am so proud! Hahaha. Wheeeee~
Woi monkeyS, see how much I love you guys! Put in so much effort & time! XD XD
Where is my REWARD? :p I shall repeat R.E.W.A.R.D Hahahahahaha!
I actually use my blog template as a guide line :D Make things so much more easier for me.
YAY ME :D Aite, back to the dramas. Goodbye all!Don't miss me :) Hahah.


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