Monday, January 28, 2008

Just had to blog bout this

A few of us were at ISKL last Saturday for this SEA Forensics workshop. And on that day itself, we were supposed to be sitting for a test back in school. So our teacher decided that we would do the papers in ISKL and while waiting for the workshop to begin we did our test in the student’s lounge at ISKL. Believe me; it was so hard to focus on the test as the ISKL students were constantly walking by.

Okay here’s the interesting part. I was doing my math paper and in came two girls. One of them went to her locker leaving her friend behind. This girl then did something that I’ll never forget. She got onto the table in front of me, and started playing with her hair and combing it in a teasing and flirtatious manner. She was wearing really short shorts and boy was she hot. I think she probably defines the word hot. ISKL even have its own girls’ soccer team. How many girls do you know who plays football?

I think I’m going to flunk my math paper

Anyway, in short, ISKL girls are WOW!!!

Note to self, ask to transfer to ISKL


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