Friday, March 07, 2008

tried to resist from blogging, but just had to do this one post

Last Friday we had our 87th annual sports day. I had taken part in 2 events prior to the actual day which was the 4x100 meters event representing both Cornelius house (red) and the sixth form council, and both races we ended up third. And on sports day I was involved in my last event, the 4x400 meter race. Not only have I never ran in a 400meter event before, I was also the only 6th former taking part competing with 5th formers who were all in the athletic team. A dude from the opposing team cheekily told his teammates that I was the weakest link in my team. And yes I must admit that I was very nervous indeed.

I was the 3rd runner for my team, and by the time I had received the baton, we were way behind the pecking order. I knew that we it was almost impossible for us to catch up. As I ran my first lap (400meters in St John’s field is two full laps) I was behind the 4th and second last runner. And as I approached the starting line, kicking off my last and final lap I told myself this is it. I said,
darn it, this is your last sports day, the last time you’re ever going to be in a race and your last chance to bring home a medal, You’ll be darn to not get at least the bronze medal”. And then, I just ran….

From last, I managed to catch up to 2nd place, and our last runner finished the race 1st.


Blogger Mei Hsuan :) said...

OMFG! Look who is back ;) Eleh, bangga wanna show off :p :p HAHAAHAH! Anyway, I am so proud of you! :D Haha FINALLY IT IS HOLIDAY! OMG! *jumps around like a little girl* WTF! Lets go out!

Wanna go Colbie Caillat's so-called concert? (:

10:09 PM  

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