Thursday, April 17, 2008

Broken Blue Hearts

Last Monday, hearts were broken..

" Battling Blues "

Hopes were dashed..

" A late Emile
Heskey's equaliser dealt a huge blow to title chasing Blues
they were
held to a draw at home by
.. "

As I read the front page of the sports section of yesterday's paper over and over again..

I just cant erase the image of a last minute equaliser slammed the back of Chelsea's goal..

The motion of Petr Cech stretching out to keep the ball out, keeps replaying in my head..

The disbelief faces of the fans...

Mathematically, everything just seems so wrong at the moment.. We're facing one of the most devastating prospects of having Man Utd sealing the title at our very own Stamford Bridge..
To turn everything around would require miracle..

As for now, I'm keeping all my fingers crossed with my disgruntledfootballemo mood on

Fuck you Emile Heskey.

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