Friday, May 23, 2008

It's just appalling..

sometimes when people don't get their facts right..

fixed match. chuckles

why? just cause we have more money than you do? or is it cos we're capable of giving you a run for your money?

word of advice : just watch the match and see for yourself.

not being a sore loser, fact is i conceded that you guys won but baseless accusations? call it a mistake, a controversial decision, a bad call but never accuse us of cheating cos you never know what dirty secrets you have in your own backyard. and hell no, not even the authority has anything to say bout match fixing. oh wait, that's right, it's probably cos we've even bought them over to our side, no? smirks
oh wait wait, it just hit me even harder, why did stupid roman even bothered to spend hundred millions of pounds when he could just buy over the referees and football officials all season and ask the manager to field a team of youths? now he has to pay the heartache of watching his expensively assembled team fail in his own homeland. bodoh betul roman nie, nama je orang kaya..

well i hope i didn't enrage anyone with this then.

i rest my case.


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