Thursday, May 01, 2008

European Nights - 2

Chelsea 3 - 2 Liverpool

It's simply amazing..

the warmth of blood veins close to the surface of my skin, the nanosecond heartbeats and nail biting antics..

As I watch the lads power into the final, driven by a familiar force of emotional team spirit, the momentum fueled by the chantings of the fans..

"Avram Grant leapt to Drogba's defence at accusations thrown by Rafa.."

"John Terry quietly plans to lift the holy grail of european football.."
"Petr Cech would don an iron mask just to play.."

"Frank Lampard to return to starting line up after a traumatic week.."

These are the headlines that've soaked up so much emotional strength to spur the team on..

I'm still reeling from the excessive euphoria that just took the words out of my mouth..
But suffice to say, I'm happy we made it to the final, what a remarkable turnaround for a team that's been written off when Avram replaced Mourinho..

BIG THANKS to SnoopDrog, Lampsy and Naufal(the 12th player off the field) for making my european night :)

P/S : What a gift for our forth sayang, I know you helped me pray for this :) Me love you long long time.

Happy fourth, baby.



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