Wednesday, April 23, 2008

European Nights - 1

It's probably fair to say that what happened early this morning was of pure luck for the the visitors in blue.. but hey, Dirk Kuyt's shot went through Petr Cech's leg on a timely occasion, we had our own fair say on luck too.

Say all you want if the Blues lacked flair in their attacking and Liverpool had the better of the chances creating and completing passes like potential European champions.. Cause' I've to agree..

But I'm never gonna write my favourite boys in blue off cos you can never put out the flame in their fighting spirit.. Cech proved why he's the best shot stopper around, Terry kept TorresGerrard at bay and Kalou.. he's just running around getting the balls in though I'm tad disappointed with Drog and Lamps when they should have really been a threat from the start..

Sure, you can never compare what you saw at Ewood Park last weekend, possibly one of many great fightbacks Manchester United have produced but this is a long season, how far we've come today when everyone thought we will trip on our own legs, was fueled by that fighting spirit to the finishing line...

Truth to be told, I'm still finding it difficult to sing praises for Grant and his tactical ability but I'm definitely writing this as a tribute, to credit the players who's effort is obvious that they themselves steadied the sinking ship.



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