Friday, July 28, 2006

ur a bitch! so surprising also u say not suprising. =P



ok, u wanna know what went wrong?
first, u already spare friday to be football day for u. i'm ok with that. then thursday was supposed to be the day we go tuition or at least have lunch. since now i have add maths studies on friday. then that day u go play football without even telling me. what if i didn't know that u are goin to play football? don't u think i will wait and wait for u in school? u just left to go to the field without telling me that u are staying back for football. like u don't care. i don't know why, but it seems to me that u want to drop BM so that u can have another day for u and your ball. whatever. if u want to have more time with football, go ahead. i don't mind since u don't really care. i don't wanna make all this go any worst. what i want is just to spend more time together. cuz we are spending alot less since we stopped chemistry on wednesday. but if it's what u want then it's fine with me.



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