Monday, August 28, 2006

PEOPLE, i'm back~!!
ok, my new blog is still unknown yet. i'm still not ready to let people know about it yet.beg me and i might let u know about it.*evil laugh* muahahahah!!! and yes, i'm not Juen, i'm S'mon.
so, it's past midnight now and holiday has just ended, just like that. sad, i know.
i still can't sleep! my 2nd piece is still sekat-sekat. i know i'm stupid. after so long and the 2nd piece still sekat-sekat. what to do? i only practice once a week, during my class. [FYI, i don't have a piano at home, just a keyboard, and keyboard is no fun at all.] so there you have it, i sucked for a reason. not because i sucked. =P and, what the hell is aural test? clap clap , answer answer, sing sing, WTF??? i can't sing!!! ask me to clap and answer is still ok, but SING??? WTF? i just can't. FYI, i just got to know there is aural test during my last class which is last friday. Pat, just spent a bout 10 minutes testing me with the aural test thingy. i still blur blur about the last part. she played something and ask me to sing the last note. obviously i don't know what she is talking about, so i looked at her with the *i-don't-know-what-you-talking-about* look. then she asked me to just sing *LA~*. so i just simply give a *LA~*. then she say "OK, let's try another 1." then she play another tune and asked me to *LA~*. and again i simply *LA~*. then she said "that's all for this week, come right after your school finish. if can have your lunch first." i'm like *WTF was that? LA~?*. obviously i didn't said that to her. =D
*fuuuuh~* If,IF *touch wood* i fail this exam i might change to other instrument since i have alot more time to learn it after my SPM. but hopefully i passed it. i don't wanna waste my dad's money all this while. but according to Azim, grade 2-3 is enough for all the basic, but i thought it's grade 5? *someone enlighten me please* so maybe i'll rush to finish up all the basic and then only i change to other instrument. muahahahahah.
geez, i'm wasting so much time here, i should be practicing or atleast sleeping since tomorrow is a school day. YES, school reopens tomorrow. GAAAAAH~. i wanna take study leave soon. and stay in the kitchen to study all day all night. =) wanna know why i didn't say study in my room?[i know you didn't asked, i just wanna tell =P] cuz there is way too much distraction in my room. how could you resist a computer complete with broadband connection? and also, the TV. GAAAH~ i'm so spoilt! =P HAHAHA. atleast i know that i'm spoilt and i'm enjoying every moment of it. what to do? the baby of the family, you just gotta love them. right? HAHAHAHA.
OK, got to go. BYE-BYE.

*how come i feel like i'm crashing into Juen's blog? =P



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