Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ok ok..Update I will *mumblemumble*
So it's the 3rd day of New Year,TwoZiloZiloSeven(2007)

First day of school and to some,a brand new life in college.

Feels great knowing that you don't have to sleep early because you have to attend school the next day and shiver everytime your AddMaths teacher enters your class and yet, a great feeling of remorse fills your heart as you look back on the good old days..and how badly you want them back...

I miss..
Peter Yii's address on Monday mornings..And gossip sessions with Azim at the back of the line
Going to Kasturi for Daiva's crappy Sejarah lessons on Tuesdays..
Going back earlier than the muslim boys on Wednesdays..(HAH!)
Groaning and chatting away on the last period of physics on Thursdays..
Keeping my fingers crossed for the bell to ring on the last period of Friday lessons..cause it's FRIDAY FOOTIE!!

On a much positive note,
I'm actually enjoying every moment being labelled as a school leaver =D.

I wonder how is Juen and the rest of pityful-NS-fied souls doing at their camps?
Having fun, I hope..

Still waiting for someone to reply....
Mei Hsuan, I know you got yours. Don't rub it in! =P


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