Saturday, January 06, 2007

Today was fun but rather tiring.

Woke up at 7am, went to the other taman to play basketball.I was hoping to see some ah bengs or ah lians playing there, but it turned out to be a group of aunties practising their tai chi there.Shot 3-pointers for an hour and a half then went back home.

Took my breakfast and then took a nap.Woke up at 11am,bathe and headed out to Tasik Selatan LRT.

Reached Masjid Jamek around 12.30p.m then Potato called

Me: Hello.What you want?
Potato: Where you now?
Me: Masjid Jamek.Why?
Potato: Oh oh, wait for me..I'm coming
Me: Aaah no no, told me to meet at KLCC right.Go yourself la now (Potato refused to meet me at Chan Suck Lin earlier on )
*hung up*

Haha. Don't get the wrong idea, I was just playing.I'm not RUDE to hang up on others, really =).
In the end, I waited for Potato at the Putra platform.Before he came, I met Luqman, man is he gay.He's carrying one of those, big handbags and wearing those gay long sleeves and I'm surprised to see that he'd rebonded his hair..Now it's all straight and long.

Ok ok, honestly I haven't been to KLCC for like a year already and if it weren't for Potato, I don't think I could find the convention centre by myself (tipu aje).Anyway, we were supposed to meet Carmen at the entrance but it seems that her fren is 'kinda rushing' and decided to go in first.Bloody hell, made us look after her.Damn tiring you know?

The Star Education Fair 2007, where the walking never stops.

Crazy man, the whole edu fair itself took up a few halls,'bout the size of a football field la.We walked from one end to the other like..twice?Most of the time I went around enquiring about the GCE A-levels.Others were just random and maybe alternatives in case I have a change of mind.(Foundations and etc).

Met a few people there.

1.Khayum, Amirul and co.
2.Harrison and Neda ( saw them)
3.Cheah Fuh Yuen
4.Amanda (both the CBNer and Form6'er)
7.Pang and Ming Wai
8.Pei Min (correct spelling?)
9.Hein Yew
10.Chi Chung and some Form6'ers (at the cinema though)

Had lunch at the food court.Then, wanted to watch a movie but like every other Saturdays at KLCC, the queue is just out of the world and we decided to drop the idea.Went to ask the price for the SE W850i.After that, everyone agreed to bowl except Carmen's friend ( i didn't get her name =P).

Took a cab to Times Square.
Okay, I can't believe I have to blog about this, it's so humiliating.We played one round of bowling. At first things were going smooth for me, surprisingly.Carmen also started off quite well. Then came Potato, he blasted his ball in the longkang twice in a row.I had a good time laughing at him.

Then I jst lost my focus *ahem* and started screwing my bowls.Really! At one time, I bowled without even looking at the pins!!! (Oh pls you guys gotta trust meeee).I don't know what happened.Carmen was consistent getting, a few spares and a strike along the game.Out of sudden hor, Potato became damn pro.He got 2 strikes in a row!! ( I guess that made up for his earlier misses).Can't believe it, but he made it twice in a row, and clearly proved to me that it was no fluke.Aih..pai seh...I ended up as the loser and Carmen the winnner.Stupid Potato. Guess this is karma..
Moral? Don't laugh at people lor(win first then only laugh).

So I had to buy them drinks,Starbucks(broke!! T.T). Actually I paid half for everyone lah *like partial scholarships, haha*. Sat there and talk talk talk..(Mostly 'bout Potato and his ambition to create a cure for HIV/AIDS and jobs).

Went back home at 6p.m.


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