Sunday, July 15, 2007


Man, Malaysia suck balls.

They lost again! This time, to Uzbekistan. Wtf?

I'd say they should throw away all their expensive jerseys and go cut their effing mat-rempit hair do.

And because they're NATIONAL PLAYERS, please don't give me the " Think you can do better?" shit.

Obviously, if I were better than them, I'd be in the picture right...

I'm only saying this because I feel it is truly a waste for these players to be given star studded treatment by the local Football Association (FAM).

Nike endorsement deals for this kind of quality the players produce? What the hell man, look at a war torn country like Iraq, they beat the Aussies and they sure did deserve the result. They don't even have expensive kits like Malaysian footballers.

God knows if they're amateur part-time national guardsmen who got lucky trying out for the national team.



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