Sunday, July 29, 2007

The truth is, I wanna blog..but I've absoutely no idea what to blog about.

I'm having a million of random thoughts going through my mind for the past few days. I just don't know what I want...and the more I think about it..I feel like buying a car and just drive off to somewhere, maybe..Australia. =P haha

Then again, the more I think bout it, I don't have the money to buy one. Now that's really depressing. So I've thought bout entering competitions to win one, and yet again, I can't seem to find one that's easy to find without having to think of some corny slogans.. can go on if I continue like this..So let's just blog out my random thoughts( a million of them) and then figure out the link...ok-lah, not AAAAALL of 'em

Finals..finals..2 more weeks

This week..tests..mock exams..assignments..hectic..sighs

I miss football with you guys..

I so need basketball to grow taller..but I'm plain lazy to go out and shoot some balls

I think I hate you..


Crusader?Wiz?Blacksmith..eff!I'm addicted to RO again

I so wanna make it to Tioman, or anywhere with beaches please!


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