Monday, August 27, 2007

It's the start of a new semester and I can already tell it's not gonna be something good to look forward to.
My new room's crazy. I can't sleep last night. Weird things going on.And to top it all, it's so dull.
I miss home. I miss my own bed. I miss tv :'(
I'm feeling that I'm starting to develop this tendency to hate goin to classes and an unhealthy habit to keep having fun ( e.g foos and watching tv or playing) now.
Man, why does my 2nd semester at INTI has to be like this?
And why do people nowadays like to give you expectations and always fail to live up to it? More like making broken promises?
Oh hell, I'm all grown up being used to it anyways..
Oh well, this is a pretty random entry. Too much influence from Mei Hsuan, starting to get all randommy. =P


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