Friday, August 17, 2007

Yesterday, Physics was pretty crappy..I didn't finish all the questions..there was simply not enough time..Within the last 5 minutes..I was already praying..submitting to the Higher Power. xD

Oh well..jon happens. I mean, shit happens..=P

Naufal had to re-take the paper cause he couldn't wake up in time..hahaha poor dude.

Went to Giant to get somebody's birthday cake in the evening. Honestly, it was my first time there..and its really nothing to shout

A cake..

Okay, so knowing that all of us will be heading back to our own hometowns, we had The Last Dinner together at The Bakery.

The bakery..

So happens that Shu Hong's birthday falls on this Saturday and knowing we wouldn't be in Penang to celebrate it together, so we decided to throw him something.

Birthday boy...

See how all the bold phrases are linking to one another now? hehehe..

Oh yeah, that tttttang!

Liu~liu~liu I've got some cakes

The guys

Happy Birthday Shu Hong !



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