Sunday, September 16, 2007

I was talking to Siew Jin about this problem she's having with her lisan partner and it was through this conversation, that it made me realise I may have overlooked the value of friendship.

And maybe, in the eyes of some of you out there (who doesn't even know that this blog actually exists), I may not be someone worth befriending with..I won't say that I'm wrong, it's hard for me to say sorry and it's even harder for me to be first to make things better.

[Blog says] But (hey), it's okay..

I'm cool if you guys get pissed for the way I are.

But it's best that you know that someday, sometime at one point in my life, I'd look back on this very post, my life, and feeling sorry for hurting y'all.

Sure, I don't seem like I give a shit bout how you feel after the disputes we had, but having our differences and quarelling is like pulling the trigger, you feel the recoil. To put in other words would be like Newton's Third Law suggesting that for every action there will be a reaction. I'm sorry and yes, I feel the pain too...I'm sorry, to you (in general, anyone whom deserve this).

p/s: What makes you think I'm sorry? G.F.Y
Hehe whatever.


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