Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hello world~ Guess who is this? :) Sqwibblez's guest blogger, Mei Hsuan dearest (: Woot~ Haha.
Mr Chong Juen Quan, better known as JQ in this blog, has just ended his hiatus mode because he has just finished his finals on Thursday. Might be back to the blogging world pretty soon. That explains why he is missing.
Mr Lim WeiZhuan better known as WZ in this blog, always doesn't have the momentum to blog :p haha. Or maybe he doesn't have the time or I don't know. haha.

Oh its easy to indicate who is blogging since the two boys doesn't sign off everytime they blog.
The one with orange font is obviously WZ.
The one without any colour font is JQ.
And their guest blogger will sign off with her glamorous name. Haha :p
Simple no? (:

OMG! This blog damn weird okaaay!! WHY LIKE THAT ONE? Don't have the box for title thingmajigy. Then their html coding is weird. I can't edit the link part (to add the title) . OMG! How? Or maybe because I am a nooby? BUT IMPOSSIBLE RIGHT? I always play with my html coding also I gained success. Hahah.

Wanna add profile section for them also I don't dare. Later mess up with the whole blog, make things worse >:( Pfft.

Have you guys upgraded to the Beta version? Or maybe it has got nothing to do with the Beta thingmajigy. Ah wait wait, till I am bloody free at the end of November, I will slowly explore.

HAH! I know why this blog doesn't have the title box. It has got something to do with the settings part there.
Still can't figure out the html coding thingmajigy. Baaah~ Gave up already!

Mei Hsuan


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