Sunday, February 03, 2008

It's that time of year again! :D

When young people get moolahs for not being married and wedded couples just break down and cry over their empty pockets :D Hahaha

Also my very valid reason to spend over hundreds on shopping =P

Went shopping in KL with Jon, Xin Ju and Simon yesterday. . Jon was looking for his long-sleeved batik looking shirts =P which is something new i suppose, to me lah. Simon was shopping for some vibrant coloured sweater and a Elvish 80's white pants..and probably more stuff since I left early..And Xin Ju was just..tagging along, looking cute in his brown sweater(the first time I've seen him wearing that!). So it's funny that I seemed to be the only one who shopped for tees and just plain skate jeans. What? I find it hard to breakaway from wearing tees ok? I like the simplicity of it..I know, I know, I'm boring

I'm almost done with shopping anyways, not buying much this year cos mummy said I could get more shirts on other days. So what's the difference anyway. The last few things left on my list are a pair of new shoes or probably another pair of shorts and more tees! =P Hahaha..But yeah, I'm still thinking bout it. Oh shit this post is so bimbotic and pointless I should really stop now =D.

So yeah, Chinese New Year is just around the corner..

Gong Hei Fuck Fatt Choi! :)


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