Friday, February 01, 2008


Thank you to everybody for the simple yet brilliant surprise party =)

I think I got more birthday wishes this year, hugs to everybody. The funny thing was how i got lots of them before the actual day. Hehe even my parents celebrated with me one day earlier. Not that I'm complaining. I like LiSha's bday wish the most, she said "May you Bcome the sexiest guy in the universe". I later asked why she doesn't want her bf to be the sexiest guy, n she said she didnt want other girls going after him haha, that tickled me.

Thanks for all the gifts. And especially to Meikei for the cake (eventhough i didn't get the chance to eat it) It was really sweet of you .

After the party we went to Sri Kembangan to visit a choc factory because we needed to pick some up for the upcoming valentines project, here are some pics ;

Haire and myself was eating in the rain, (We nvr run from a dare)

Don't be fooled by the pic, we were enjoying ourselves

2 girls and 4 guys. The 4 of us were singing to tunes like Won't go home without you, Big girls don't cry, me love, and into the night which totally annoyed the girls


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