Friday, April 18, 2008

Here's A(nother) Cool Thing To Do

With the football season drawing near to it's end, we can finally lay back to our seats and sigh with a relief that -all the big clubs grinding out at each other, crazy upsets, shock results and etc etc - is all finally going to end..

Yet again, life is a cycle and before you know it, the clubs are splashing out cashes trying to top each others' record signings and get the best deal out of the transfer market and the players. In a blink of an eye and there we go again, another season full of surprises and entertaining ball kicking action to expect.

So here's something to do while you anticipate the new season of football, test your knowledge on the latest football transfers. What you should do is :

Get a football jersey..

Imprint the player's name you'd be expecting to see at the club when the season kicks off again..

e.g (David) Villa for Arsenal then you buy an Arsenal jersey and get it done with Villa's name at the back of it.. Or Van der Vaart for Chelsea, Miguel Veloso for Man Utd..and bla bla bla..

Then we'll see how precise you have been watching the transfer news when the new season starts. It's a gamble but hey it's all cool and awesome when you hit bullseye and guess the right purchase!

Hhhmm.. Oh yeah, I think I already have one on my mind.. :)


. .

. . .

. . . .

. . .

. .


Jon Obi Mikel, make way for this young star. Oh yeah, Kaka, Ronaldinho and Lampard, I see who's gonna complete the puzzle for you guys now.

Pic :undated release and of 'inaccessible' sources due to the mysterious nature of the reported star who self trains at unreported sites.

All set to take the Premier League by storm this summer!



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