Saturday, September 13, 2008


So,many(i guess)of you have been asking why was the blog locked down over the few weeks. Let me assure you that, there was no rift or secret human cloning project running behind closed doors hehe (man, i love football news), the blog was locked down by mistake. Have to admit I was the one 'privated' this blog after Juen said he's shifting, but I meant to 'unprivate' it shortly after I 'privated' it (read slowly). Okay, so for unexplainable(i guess it was more to technical) reasons, I couldnt log in to undo it and hence, sqwibblez has been left locked away from public viewing for..eerr weeks, irresponssibly by me. Many thanks hehe no, seriously. But of course, there's no love lost between me and the blog, which is why I'm here to officially put this to an end. Since nobody wants to save this wrecked ship, I'm gonna sink it. Well, I guess this is it. Unless there is a change of mind at the drawing board.

Taking this opportunity to thank the co founders of this blog, MeiHsuan whom from time to time helped with the construction of the page and all you readers for your support.

Peace in middle east, rain in spain!


edit: damn why isnt this friday the 13th!