Saturday, October 28, 2006

It's a Size #1 Umbro ball.Perfect for juggling around the house!
Time to get some fresh air =D

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I don't know what kind of blogging trend is this..some sort of survey,I suppose.But since I've been 'tagged' (aww crap) .I'll just play along =D

3 Hobbies

[x] F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L!!
[x] Listening to my iPod/iTunes/Music etc
[x] Internet

3 Things On My To-Do List
[x] Study for (stupid) SPM =/
[x] Shave bald
[x] Umm..this may sound embarassing, grow taller? =P

3 Unique Traits
[x] I'm SHORT. x) weeeeeeee
[x] I get addicted/obsessed with people or things that are new to me very very easily
[x] I'd still prefer wearing shorts when going out than pants =P (Malaysia very hot)

3 Favourite Drinks
[x] I crave for beer NOW..and I know,SPM's weeks away
[x] McD's Strawberry Milkshake
[x] Lychee

3 Passions
[x] Football
[x] Chicks+football
[x] My school? xD

3 Awesome Movies
[x] Lord Of The Rings Trilogy =P ROFL
[x] Spiderman 1 & 2 xP
[x] The Fast and The Furious:Tokyo Drift

3 Good Bands
[x] All American Rejects
[x] Panic! At the Disco
[x] High and Mighty Color

3 Things I ANTI
[x] Racist
[x] Extremist
[x] Show offs

3 Random Women (I changed this =P)
[x] Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
[x] Maki of HnMC!
[x] Mei Hsuan =D (happy mou?)

3 Bad Habits
[x] I sniff new magazine/books
[x] I sniff my own body odour (I SMELL GOOD,WANNA SMELL ME?)
[x] I play with my hair..=D

3 Painful Experiences
[x] Wounded my left knee during a futsal comp at Ampang Sports Planet last year..
[x] My right eye got scarred by a piece of roof tile..Scared blind edy how..kennot kap lui
[x] [WZ left this blank] =P

3 Treasured Memories
[x] One thing I'll definitely not forget bout high school is Friday Footie! =D=D
[x] Going to KL Band Comp with friends.
[x] School's 100th year anniversary

3 Goals before 30
[x] Get rich
[x] An established career
[x] Flirt..flirt..flirt and keep on flirting. =D

3 Biggest Fears
[x] S
[x] P
[x] M (and life after that...)

3 Favourite Desserts
[x] Lychee cyrup
[x] Chocolate sundaes
[x] Taufu fa with lychee!!

3 People I Tag

[x] Nikita (hohoho)
[x] Qui Nee =)
[x] Crap la Mei Hsuan, you pratically tagged everyone

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

OK I'm very very DISAPPOINTED with you people.
I MEAN, gone for only ONE(FREAKING)DAY and y'all can't even refrain yourselves from the overdrive of THINKING and MISSING me too much? =P


So let's get started.Let's talk bout the barbeque.Hmm..wasn't much of the party I had in mind.Partly, it was due to the rain.Another thing was the barbeque lacked some elements =P.
What I had in mind when I was told by my mum that my aunty was going to have a barbeque party at her place, I imagined lotsa lotsa adults(uncle,aunty etc) and lotsa lotsa young teenage girls partying as if they were clubbing at some, night club...

BUT NO-LOR...(I know I tend to exaggerate sometimes)=P


The food was..OK ler..
The chicken wings are good..perfectly marinated with..marinade before the barbeque..
The sotongs have a funny odour though(thank God there's something called lime)...but nice and soft..
The ikan bakar is just ok-ish..but definitely not the ones you eat at roadside stalls...Same goes for the nasi beriyani and chicken curry.

And what do we have to wash all of it down?FRUIT JUICE!.(What to do,got underage running around like ducklings in their father's slippers)..Luckily,one of my elderly cousins went out to buy some beer=D.I mixed the juice with beer and voila! FRUIT PUNCH.I sat down and drank all by myself..staring blankly into space...I know, pretty scary..

I'm sure y'all have heard of Johor's(particularly Muar's) famous fried oyster(with egg) right?
Before the barbeque,my uncle served us his home made fried oyster and asked us to try it..Something for tea time.Oh my it was good.The oyster is fairly mixed and fried with eggs..So there is right balance between the eggs and oysters.(Some people tend to put more eggs than oysters,bloody kiam-siap!!)
Then hor the osyter oso looked fresh and big( as in noticeable to the naked eye =D).I ate it with my aunty's home made chili..DAMN nice weeey... =D. I was like the only one to sit at the table from the start until was all clean.Yummy..

Ok la, don't wanna elaborate further.It's definitely too tempting for some of you to handle =D.

You know what, I miss those days when me and my cousins (around my age or older) would stay up late talking bout some useless crap.Now that most of them are already working or have their own bf/gf to entertain..I have to watch some freaking old-chinese movie all by myself..Worse, the last one to go to bed..OMG man,whatever happened to the nightlife w'all had..

That's all for now. =)
Oh yeah,before I pen's something that might interest you ladies...

He's Alexander Fu Sheng(abit ang moh look hor?).Always remind me of Brendon Lee a.k.a Bruce Lee's son.He acts in those old chinese movies.I tink he's quite good looking for an actor during his era.(the golden years of Shaw Brothers Film.bleh) think so?

Selamat Hari Raya to y'all.(abit too late). =D


  • credits taken off.

  • *sorry, i just can't stand imperfection =P*


    Monday, October 23, 2006


    1. You're running out of facial cream =P
    2. Yoor deodorant/cologne supply is running dry..
    3. You have a hard time choosing what to wear from your closet..
    4. Stuck on the internet 24/7 keeping a close watch on your IM's online list
    I stumbled upon Kenny Sia's new blog entry..It's about LG's latest phone model.


    LG KG810
    So freaking gorgeous, sleek and sexaaay! Aaaaaand, it's a flip-phone! Just what I've been looking for!

    I want!
    credits to MEI HSUAN for helping me out.
    I admit la,for a noob.
    and thanks to those who've read this blog


    Sunday, October 22, 2006

    Greetings once again! =D
    This is your Captain speaking.Before i proceed with my yappings, allow me to update y'all on how the Sqwibblez are doing =).

    • Seriously I have no idea where he'd gone to. I don't see him in school anymore( as if I've been going to school lately =P!).Maybe he's being a goooood boy studying at home.SPM's around the corner,what do ya expect right?. *note to self: be more like Juen!*
    • He told me to leave him alone.So I will,sorry guys. No updates on this one
    So much for the lastest news on these guys =P

    Ah well,
    Firstly I'd like to wish my pet-sister from CBN, Leong Carmen a...

    Heee.If you noticed(I'm sure you did la) I used all the 7 colours of the rainbow!

    WOW astonishing huh?What does this mean,Captain WZ?You know all the colours of the rainbow?Why now only know?So bimbo..

    Haha technically, I forgot the colours ok!?I was bathing this afternoon, then I somehow thought of the Physics:Chapter 1 of Form5, Gelombang.I've FORGOTTEN the order of the colour arrangements! I kept going..

    repeatedly wey!Even using my fingers to count samore.
    Paiseh-ness.. -_-
    cuak-ed,I looked up my encyclopedia and search for the 7 colours.Ok I found them*thats good news*.Then I remembered..the mnemonic for it..
    Crap I missed out on Kena(Yellow/Kuning) and Halau(Green/Hijau)

    And this is me, who's going to sit for SPM, next month =)

    Ok, I'm way out of topic.
    Happy birthday, Sistah! Love ya loads and it's true, there is no way I'm gonna forget you even after high school, going our own ways =). Not to mention your weird ways of getting WEIRD AND SICK birthday GIFTS.ROFL xD.

    Actually I just came home from visiting my granpa at the hospital.I tell you, my granpa is one (hella) tough guy xD. He's almost 80 and just had his by-pass operation last Monday but craves for food like a freaking pregnant woman!
    He whack any food we brought for him..
    Char kuey teow..
    Mee soup..
    McDonald's Choco Sundae..


    Makes you wonder if he'd really undergone the operation or worse, if he has a heart problem. HAHAHAH.Well anyway, get well soon, Granpa. =)
    In fact he is, xD he's gonna be discharged more EPL live matches at the hospital =/.
    LOL, how ironic.

    Ah well, my first entry and running effort to keep this blog alive.Pretty long,huh?
    Good night...Do leave comments..or taggie ^^

    *PSSSSSSTTT* (PA system's abit rusty) =P heh

    Good afternoon dear friends and loyal readers(that is,if we have any),
    This is Captain WeiZhuan
    [you can tell from the orange font =P]
    And I'll be taking over from here.

    Reviving the Sqwibblez blog!

    Monday, October 02, 2006

    Bleh, I'm dead tired.. Newayz I won't be blogging anymore..At least not for the time being. Just deleted all the stuff on my comp. Can say that it's a blessing bcos I won't get the chance to go gaming till the wee hours of the night. Almost everything's deleted, going to unplug the wire after this last blog. Thank the lord that my com will be sitting on a technician's desk after tomorrow. It needs some repairing and for the 1st time, I hope that fella takes his own sweet time with it. Well as for my emails, and friendster account, I've left them in safe hands for now. So if you're wondering why I'm not replying any testis, well that's bcos I don't even know my password..

    PS ~ Remember not to tell me my password till the exams end Kay..thanks