Tuesday, January 29, 2008

When with a girl you like, (look at her shirt label). When she asks, "What are you doing?" You respond: "Yep! Made in heaven!"

Monday, January 28, 2008

Just had to blog bout this

A few of us were at ISKL last Saturday for this SEA Forensics workshop. And on that day itself, we were supposed to be sitting for a test back in school. So our teacher decided that we would do the papers in ISKL and while waiting for the workshop to begin we did our test in the student’s lounge at ISKL. Believe me; it was so hard to focus on the test as the ISKL students were constantly walking by.

Okay here’s the interesting part. I was doing my math paper and in came two girls. One of them went to her locker leaving her friend behind. This girl then did something that I’ll never forget. She got onto the table in front of me, and started playing with her hair and combing it in a teasing and flirtatious manner. She was wearing really short shorts and boy was she hot. I think she probably defines the word hot. ISKL even have its own girls’ soccer team. How many girls do you know who plays football?

I think I’m going to flunk my math paper

Anyway, in short, ISKL girls are WOW!!!

Note to self, ask to transfer to ISKL

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Life, it's like doing an impromptu speech, you will never know whats being thrown upon you, nor can you be too prepared, and once you've state your points, you've got to stick with it all the way whether it's right or wrong.

Thats the way the cookie crumbles

Friday, January 25, 2008

Is it a norm, for guys to reply in one to two syllables?

After work,
Girl – How was your day today?
Guy – Okay
Girl – Did anything interesting happen?
Guy – Normal- lah
Girl – What is normal like?
Guy – the usual

Girl - Why aren’t we spending more time together?
Guy – No time
Girl – Why don’t you have any time?
Guy - Work la
Girl - Why can’t you take some time off from work every now and then?
Guy - Busy

In the mall,
Girl - Do you think this looks good on me?
Guy - Mmm
Girl - What about this one?
Guy - Mmm
Girl - So which one should I get?
Guy - Whateverla

Thursday, January 24, 2008

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Define a meaningful day.

I say anyday you put a smile on someone, anyone's face, is fair enough =)

*bahs, i need a ponytail*
Sort of like yelling at somebody through a vacuum filter..

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I used to not like to lose in anything, I was a lousy and sore loser. I had to win in everything, be it chess games with my dad, or football or even a simple conversation. I've come to realize that winning isn't everything =) I no longer care who wins or who losses, or who's right or who's wrong. Life's real fun when its random
I thrived on pressure, I really do.

Item no.1, my school’s newly revived LIDDRA editorial board is currently working on our monthly newsletter. Truth be told, even though I’m the editor, I have absolutely zero idea on the concept of our newsletter. And, we really do need a name since we’ve decided not to use the former, so if any of you have any opinions, we need as much help as possible. Anyway, this months issue will be based on valentines

2. Next, our sixth form council will be organizing a charity sports event which would most probably include futsal/ basketball/ badminton/ or perhaps water polo if I’m in the mood to =) Yea, so all KL schools with Sixth formers should get their invitation letters soon *fingers cross*, as soon as we finish speaking to your sixth form council.

3. I need help A.S.A.P with the ISKL forensics tournament which is round the corner, anyone have fantastic duet or solo act scripts??

4. Great, just great. Exams are next week and I’m beyond prepared. Bummer!!

5. I just realize that I’ve roughly 22 chapters of physics still to cover and for chemistry we have yet to touch organic and inorganic. (That’s like 3 dictionary sized books)

Whatever it is, I’m still happy =)

Friday, January 18, 2008

About four guys attempted to mug me one my way to school. They pulled my bag and started hitting me. I’ve no idea how I got away, but I think I ran like a girl, haha.
No, I’m not traumatize or anything =) but somehow I would love to be spoiled tonight

Us 4J students, past and present (me being the oldest of course)

A tribute to you

Another year, another birthday celebration. Reaching a 104 years old itself says it all. I for one, believe that this is a tremendous achievement. We have always been recognized as one of the Top Schools in Malaysia, famous for excelling in anything and everything, be it academic excellence, in sport or other extra curriculum activities, St John’s Institution has gone a long way since its early days. Yes, we are indeed the pacesetter, the perfect role model for many.

This being my sophomore year in the sixth form would also mean that this would be my last and final schooling year in St John’s. Yet somehow deep down in me, I know that this shall not be my last goodbye. My years in St John’s have nearly reached a milestone.
From the day I first set foot in the compound, I was left in awe. Never in my life had I been to a school so unique, and historically filled with its own divine culture. I knew this school was different, it wasn’t merely just a school, it was a part of history.

I can still visualize my very first day of school. I remember watching Mr. LDV Fernandez (short for Love David Valentine) caning students during assembly. Not only was I shocked, I was afraid of soon joining those boys. That fear for him soon changes to Respect. How can anyone not look highly upon him, after all, he defines what St John’s is all about. Not only was he a former student, he has dedicated more than 3third of his life to the school.

In SJI we not only have people like Mr. David, many have walk through the same corridors and touch lives. People like the late Mr. Leonard Wong and Bro Lawrence who is more Malaysian than he is a Canadian. Not forgetting our teachers who provide a holistic education to us students. They even offer extra caning when you don’t finish your work, if you’re lucky you might get the whole lesson off, outside class of course.

In short, we have it all. Even our school’s name is something to be proud of, for it is name after a Saint and not after some street or district. Furthermore, our school badge itself carries a lot of meaning, from the La Sallian spirit to our alma mater. Would you rather have a golden eagle or a cow on your badge?

And we must not forget our wonderful neighbors. The CBN girls are indeed rare and precious pearls. After the torture in the classroom, watching the girls going gracefully was the best leisure. (this paragraph is quoted from a former Johannian)

How can anyone not come to love a place like this? Happy Birthday St. John’s Institution. You mold us from young, and shape who we are today. What we do without you.

With faith and zeal, signum fidei, Fide et Labore!

Happy 104th Birthday

Points to the calendar! :D



This entry is very the schoolist and I feel so much more semangat than the head boy himself :P


3rd post of the night, going to bed. My myvi awaits! :D:D:D

Mama we're all gonna die

- stop asking me questions, i hate to see you cry.

It's okay this' some random shet yo

We're going in circles

Lying on my bed thinking how to fix something that just won't glue and this is what I've deduced (yes 2 lab sessions in a day can really affect your vocab).
Yes wtf I did it with paint, so what? It's not easy okay post yours and lets compare lah wtf

Thursday, January 17, 2008

How do you put yourself to bed?

Would you think of something every night, just before closing your eyes? Have it ever occur to you, on how we tend to think of something or maybe someone before falling asleep? It’s a bit like forcing yourself to dream of something you want to dream of. Then again maybe some of you never had this kind of experience before. Perhaps you would immediately fall flat the moment you lie down. But I think most would agree that we usually have this dream, which we choose to dream of in order to put ourselves to bed. What say you?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sunrise or Sunset?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

As easy as taking candy from a baby

Manchester United 6-0 Newcastle United

Ronaldo 49’, 70’, 88’
Tevez 56’, 91’

Ferdinand 86’

Saturday, January 12, 2008

This week, today and Fridays

This week hadn't been pretty good. Maybe its good that y'all should know I was involved in an accident with 2 other friends. Nobody was hurted, I thank God for that. Still, being in the accident was truly a dramatic thing. I've seen how friends sticked together through worst times, how ugly some people would be to take advantage on others, family and..alot more perhaps. yadayada..

thank you Mr.Chin, friends and you.

I've always believed that being nice to strangers and helping them when they do ask would be a good thing to do because they probably don't know the way around and feels like they could use a little help..

but today it's all it takes to change my belief the other way around..

I probably got conned, lost some money just because I believed those pathetic i-really-need help kinda eyees..its not the money that matters, I know I'm naive, but I just find myself stupid for trusting strangers so easily and so much for trying to help them..I hope karma's watching.

And I hate Fridays cause I have to leave you..

people, all I'm asking is for you to understand that no matter how hard it is for you, it is also hard for others. It's never easy to please everyone, I'm doing what I can. I appreciate you guys but don't just jump to conclusions that I've changed, I ditched you for this that shit..I'm happy with what we had, it never went down the drain..I hope that all of us will have better things to come, our way..just please, understand the position I'm in and accept it..

bitter experiences with a few doesnt mean it always end up the same way.

something for 2008;people should stop judging people if they dont know much about them.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I had a glass of Chivas on the rocks, Flaming B52, Flaming Quick Fuck and Flaming Lamborghini today. =)

Can u see the blue flame

Oh and I finally got to try J.CO Donuts hehe!!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Would you like someone to grow up, to be just like you? Your son? daughter? or perhaps your nephew or niece?
I've always tried my best to prove people wrong only because I think it's worth it.
But there are just some people who just puts me down...

unappreciated, thats what you made me feel.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

I think it's time to hit the panic button

Mr.Han (my new physics/class tchr, aka the most feared tchr in the whole school) really isn't so bad after all. In fact, he actually rocks. His class was bloody lively, he would teach bout electronics and suddenly use marriage and relationships as examples. He has his own scientifically proven pyramid of getting hitch in uni. And he would out run out in the middle of the class to the library just to get a book to show us something.

According to him the chances of guys meeting someone in uni during their first year are close to zero, cos the girls would find them immature, but the chances of a girl meeting someone will get slimmer as time goes by. Oh the redspot n openshelves thing is based on the library as in the redspot section being the highest demand section.

Whats this gotta do with physics?? Beats me =)

I shall now chuck my bolster aside and hug my physics book tonight

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tomorrow calls for a better day, and more whipped cream

Ironically, after getting past a hangover i bumped into this featured article on yahoo by some guy called Dr Mao. He quotes, "Ginger tea, the ancient Chinese remedy to prevent hangovers".
Thank you Dr, I shall try that next time =) I'm sure the doctor has lots of experience


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Goodbye 07, 08 you'll just have to wait, we're not ready to let you in yet

I had spent the early hours of 08 going back and forth to the toilet to puke. It's probably because I drank (lots) with an empty stomach the night before =)

Anyway, just to recap 07, about 365 days ago, I was there, sitting at the airport alone, not wanting 07 to come because I didn't want to attend the national service, but it turned out to be a blast. And after 3months was up, me being me, had no heart leaving Sarawak. (I think I've blogged bout this)

The next 3months to come were probably one of the finest moments of my life (if not the). As some might know, I had been going after a certain someone for ages, and thankfully, we finally got together. And well for once in my life I felt,hmm complete I would say. The feeling's indescribable, having someone to love your heart out, be loved, something to treasure for life. She meant the world to me and I was so proud to have her. Maybe I'm being naive in saying this but it was like knowing that she was the one.

And somehow things turned sour, I guess its a tough job being with one like me (ask my critics, they'll ve plenty to tell). And maybe the good Lord knew tht she might ve loose her head and strangle me to death eventually.

Come July it was one hell of a roller coaster ride, I wanted to be the best at everything. I was chasing everything my palms would allow me to grab, wanting to be the best student in school, wanting to be the next head boy, wanting to do wonders and perhaps play god but most importantly, wanting her to be proud of me. And yea, it was tough times, I would spent 3quarters of my life in school, barely had time to sleep. I guess there's a price to pay for everything, my studies hit rock bottom, I had no friends, and I stopped seeing her.

I eventually got what I wanted, holding the most positions in school and probably a member in uncountable no of clubs and societies. Now I ask myself, what for?

Well the last part of 07 wasn't getting any better. Lets just say I'm not who I used to be. I've lost all my hopes and dreams, I've stopped praying, heck I don't even know what I want in life. I don't talk to Jia anymore, I perhaps have stop loving football and I no longer speak to my parents. Every conversation we have ends with an argument. I have now gotten to know Mr. Cigarette and Mr. Alcohol, whom must be my best pals.

It's not as fun as you think it is you know mhsuan, having to please everybody in school, from the students, to the teachers, even the cleaners. Try having to put up a big fake smile everyday to a few hundred people, and having those, whom I call my friends to critic me day in day out, who might probably start talking the moment I publish this post.

I envy you simon n wz, you live a quiet and carefree world all the way in Nilai, all I've is that lil corner of my room. Like yeelyn said, live sucks, I damn well know better.

Oh well, i guess its time to stop whining and welcome 08