Monday, September 11, 2006

everything is from ME. so read it.

you know who you are~
i'm kinda pissed at you at the moment. why? i was talking to you today and all you did was nod and u wasn't even looking at me. i know you are busy memorizing those values but how come u could have time talking to other but not listen to what i have to say? anyway, what i was trying to tell u was u totally got my msg the wrong way. i didn't say that "saying sorry would mean I lost". what i did say was "i'm not wrong so why should i say sorry?" and i remember clearly u replied me back with "must you be wrong to say sorry?" duuh. if not then what's the point of saying sorry? if sorry could be use as often as "Hi" then sorry would mean what it was supposed to mean. besides that, it's not about sorry or not. did you forgotten what msg i got in my cbox? do u need me to quote it for you? so there u have it, am i supposed to say sorry when i'm the one who got kicked asked to walk out from someone's life? even if i did say sorry would i be back his friend? and what am i supposed to be sorry for? i'm sorry for getting asked to get out of your life? it doesn't make sense to me. try enlightening me.
as for u not having any respect for me, i'm fine with that. if i need to beg and plead for a friendship to have your respect. i rather not. that way, i wouldn't even have respect for myself. and like u said, i can't beg him to worship our friendship. all i can do is wait.

i'm so sorry for what did. i know i'm sensitive and all but i can't help it.
i'm sorry for wanting to be wanted. i'm sorry for not being wanting this time. i've always been the one who cracks first whenever something happens. why must it always be that way. why can't i be the last to crack? why must i always be the one who do all the making up? i really want to be wanted.

note: this is written out of rage[but it's still from me.every part of me, not just my heart]. if it seems a little harsh, sorry. please do forgive me for being so straightforward.

p/s: regarding your problem, u cant blame her as i believe u already know it might be just a passing feeling before all of it started. i'm not saying that the feelings are all passed and gone cuz i'm not her. what i mean is that even if it's passed and gone, u should be prepared for it. *it's just what i think don't shoot me*


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