Sunday, October 22, 2006

Greetings once again! =D
This is your Captain speaking.Before i proceed with my yappings, allow me to update y'all on how the Sqwibblez are doing =).

  • Seriously I have no idea where he'd gone to. I don't see him in school anymore( as if I've been going to school lately =P!).Maybe he's being a goooood boy studying at home.SPM's around the corner,what do ya expect right?. *note to self: be more like Juen!*
  • He told me to leave him alone.So I will,sorry guys. No updates on this one
So much for the lastest news on these guys =P

Ah well,
Firstly I'd like to wish my pet-sister from CBN, Leong Carmen a...

Heee.If you noticed(I'm sure you did la) I used all the 7 colours of the rainbow!

WOW astonishing huh?What does this mean,Captain WZ?You know all the colours of the rainbow?Why now only know?So bimbo..

Haha technically, I forgot the colours ok!?I was bathing this afternoon, then I somehow thought of the Physics:Chapter 1 of Form5, Gelombang.I've FORGOTTEN the order of the colour arrangements! I kept going..

repeatedly wey!Even using my fingers to count samore.
Paiseh-ness.. -_-
cuak-ed,I looked up my encyclopedia and search for the 7 colours.Ok I found them*thats good news*.Then I remembered..the mnemonic for it..
Crap I missed out on Kena(Yellow/Kuning) and Halau(Green/Hijau)

And this is me, who's going to sit for SPM, next month =)

Ok, I'm way out of topic.
Happy birthday, Sistah! Love ya loads and it's true, there is no way I'm gonna forget you even after high school, going our own ways =). Not to mention your weird ways of getting WEIRD AND SICK birthday GIFTS.ROFL xD.

Actually I just came home from visiting my granpa at the hospital.I tell you, my granpa is one (hella) tough guy xD. He's almost 80 and just had his by-pass operation last Monday but craves for food like a freaking pregnant woman!
He whack any food we brought for him..
Char kuey teow..
Mee soup..
McDonald's Choco Sundae..


Makes you wonder if he'd really undergone the operation or worse, if he has a heart problem. HAHAHAH.Well anyway, get well soon, Granpa. =)
In fact he is, xD he's gonna be discharged more EPL live matches at the hospital =/.
LOL, how ironic.

Ah well, my first entry and running effort to keep this blog alive.Pretty long,huh?
Good night...Do leave comments..or taggie ^^


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