Sunday, January 07, 2007

Everyone seems to be doing it.So I thought I'd give it a try(Of course, I'm a lil' late though)
Perhaps, it might give my 2007 a whole lot more meaning.
So, here goes:

  1. Exercise, exercise and more exercise! ( we're talking about manly weights and dumbells,people!)
  • Not that I'm fat or need to burn some calories but hey, who really needs a valid reason to exercise,right?.Need to work out to tone and build some muscles =P.'Have already started a few weeks ago and hopefully, I can keep it going 'till the end of the year.

2. Pick up a book to read more often
  • Something to do when I'm not on the computer.

3. Purchase an issue of FHM Malaysia every month =P
  • A good read for every male out there =D (agagaga)
4. Learn drums
  • Don't rush me! I will do it okaaaaay
5. Pass my driving license and hopefully, get my own car to move around town.

6.Buy a new cellphone.
  • I need one that has everything in it with walkman features coz' I'm not gonna bring my Nokia 7610 and iPod shuffle out anymore.Talk bout burden.

7.Grow taller and fatter. =D

Probably, there are more to add. But I can't seem to think of any, so would anyone be kind enough to help me beef up my list? =)


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